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A purpose-driven business podcast for photographers and creatives who want to level up as they pursue their purpose to create. Through candid conversations about the creative journey you will get practical tips, tools, and resources that will connect, inspire, and impact you as you build and grow your business.


Jul 29, 2021

Tamera Darden is the creative genius behind Darden Creative, a content creation agency for beauty, wellness, and lifestyle brands. Tamera focuses primarily on product photography that’s been proven to generate leads and sales for her customers. 

She has created work for Macy’s, Harper’s Bazaar, Eden Bodyworks, and more big-name brands. So I knew she was the perfect person to come on the show to share about how you too can position yourself online as an expert in your craft.

It might surprise you to hear that the secret isn’t in getting all kinds of fancy gadgets to make yourself seem more legit or spending a bunch of money on advertising to try to generate leads. 

Here’s the real secret… it’s about finding what you’re good at and making sure people know you’re good at it.

It’s that simple!

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