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A purpose-driven business podcast for photographers and creatives who want to level up as they pursue their purpose to create. Through candid conversations about the creative journey you will get practical tips, tools, and resources that will connect, inspire, and impact you as you build and grow your business.


Oct 31, 2019

In episode 25, I’m chatting with Joy Michelle Photography and she is sharing all about the untapped potential in sharing content on YouTube. Is anyone else just using YouTube to watch videos or new movie trailers? Good! I’m glad I’m not alone! 

Joy shares about her own fears with starting a YouTube channel including fear of the technology and fear of what people will think and what they’ll say. But she quickly learned that these fears were unfounded and now has a YouTube community of almost 25,000 followers!

So, what’s keeping you from getting started with YouTube? Make the leap today, friends! I’ll be jumping with you!

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