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A purpose-driven business podcast for photographers and creatives who want to level up as they pursue their purpose to create. Through candid conversations about the creative journey you will get practical tips, tools, and resources that will connect, inspire, and impact you as you build and grow your business.


Aug 26, 2021

You all are in for a real treat with this episode! Kim is a fellow brand photographer and strategist based in Florida. She and I were in a mastermind meeting when she shared one of her goals: to be on a podcast. So right then and there I knew I had to have her on!

Kim has such an incredible journey as a photographer,...

Aug 12, 2021

Petronella—or as I call her, “P”—has been a friend and cheerleader from the start. Based in New York, Petronella is a wedding and family photographer serving multicultural, interracial, interfaith, and mixed couples. P is all about celebrating family and cultural heritage in her photography. She’s a blessing...